Improvisation de rue - Hervée de Lafond


27/06 | 17.00 | FR-EN | ATH | Adults | 12 years old +

A key figure in the street arts and theatre, Hervée de Lafond is a co-director of the Théâtre de l'Unité, one of the companies that accompanied the birth of the street arts in France. She is also the one who brought the improvisation league to France. For more than 40 years that the Théâtre de l'Unité has been created, she has co-produced about 60 plays, a multitude of ephemeral events, created the Maison Unité with its procession of adventures, performed their plays around the world, created Brigades d'Intervention Théâtrale (B.I.T.) in eight countries, hundreds of urban disturbances, distilled their conception of theatre to many amateurs and professionals. We are honoured to welcome her during our festival. She will do a videoconference with two topics :
1) The improv: letting go, the unconscious, listening and taking risks

2) Street theater "with bare hands": shift everyday life, show that it is theater, "aggressive love" the mistakes not to be made.

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Autour de Cats - Benjamin Mundy

Atelier Danse 

28/06 | 17.00 | 60 min | EN | ATH | 12 years old +

Graduated from Arts educational school, Benjamin Mundy appears in many theatre and TV shows. In "Cats", Benjamin plays "Coricopat". His identical twin sister Tantomile and him are "Witches' Cats", possessing psychic abilities including clairvoyance and telepathy.

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