26/06 | 18.00 | 45 min | DEU EN ITA PL VN | Festival Theatertage Frankfurt | Ados Adulte | 12 ans + 

Written by Daniel Defœin 1719 , Robinson Crusœ remains of actuality. On the occasion of the festival, the text was rewritten in the form of plays. Initially independent, these contributions were then combined to form an artistic patchwork.

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Fragments - an adaptation of "Death of the Prince", Fernando Pessoa


27/06 | 21.00 | 45 min | VN | Collective ATH | Adults | 16 years old +

On stage two tortured beings trying to recompose, to put their souls back together again and a fallen god. Spirituality collapses in favour of the unique cult of possession in the superficiality of the world.
A creation that defends a free and experimental theatre. A laboratory at the service of scenic art. “Fragment” is an ode to acting and being, to existence and what defines us as human beings.

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Puppet theatre

26/06 | 19.00 | 40 min | Non verbal | Mat Tran Ensemble | 10 years old +

"Rice takes place in the Vietnamese Famine of 1945 during the Japanese Occupation of French Indochina. It’s the Year of the Rooster, and my country has turned into hell on Earth. As tragedy unfolds, one little boy finds hope in magic and imagination at a time when the promise of death deforms life, when hunger strips away dignity, and desperation corrupts humanity."

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28/06 | 16.00 | Non verbal | LittleCr3atures (Singapore) | 0-18 months

Shik-shik! Brrr...ring! Tock-tock! Hwing!
Nadam is sound. You can hear it in the noisiest cacophonies, or as the softest stream of awareness sneaking into your ear. A performance that brings extra-ordinary sounds to parents and babies alike. An immersive performance that brings extra-ordinary sounds to parents and babies alike, babies and their parents are encouraged to be with the performers in the moment. The performance is inspired by the philosophies of Heaven, Earth and Man, manifested through the performers’ musical improvisations along with babies’ and parents’ play of sounds.

The walk of a grasshopper

Baby theatre

27/06 | 16.00 | 15 min | Non verbal | Collective ATH | 0-5 years old

This is the story of a cricket who adores adventures. With music,
movements, lights, combining clay puppet and real image, this theatre show for babies and toddlers will be full of
beautiful images.