Programme - MINI PAS

The log-book of an explorer

Drama short movie

18/05 | 14.30 | FR-EN | ATH 4-5 years old

Mamie Suzanne has always forbidden them to go down to the cellar. One day, they go down into the cellar and find a log-book of an explorer. They barely open the book and - pop! They enter the book ... A long adventure is waiting for them...

The wonderful World of Disney

DJazz Dance

18/05 | 14.30 | ATH | 6-8 years old

What better way to enjoy moving your body than to dance around to Disney? Join us in visiting our favourite characters - including goodies, baddies and of course our heroes!

Don't worry, my dear!


18/05 | 16.30 | FR | ATH | 6-7 years old

In this song, the author proposes curiosity, the discovery of unknown places, landscapes and art pieces as a rampart to grief.

Inspired by the song “Mon p’tit loup” - Pierre Perret.

The Guardian of the World


18/05 | 16.30 | FR | ATH 8-9 years old

Sophie, Saphir and Sephora meet Theo, the guardian of the world, who struggles with this work. The three little girls decide to take over and convene a children's assembly to carry out this difficult task.

A day in Africa

Music and Story

19/05 | 13.00 | FR - EN - VN | ATH Baby Group

A canoe takes the children on the river, in the deserted jungle and isolated villages. There, the children will listen, sing and walk the African land.

Spread The Wings


19/05 | 14.00 | EN | ATH 6-7 years old

Under the orders of a tyrannical boss, some children dream about flying away, and if we chased our dreams for good?

The Spendthrift Miser


19/05 | 16.00 | FR | ATH 10-11 years old

One year after the death of his son, Don Ambroise seeks to remarry his daughter-in-law Eugénie for economic reasons. The three suitors Don Fernand, Le Comte de l'Isle and the Chevalier fought for the young woman's favour while negotiating the dowry with the old miser.



19/05 | 17.30 | FR | ATH Section Chant

With all their passion and love, ATH's singers present to you a mini show of songs that they practiced throughout this year.



18/05 | 14.30 | FR | ATH | 6-7 years old

Everyone knows that the moon is beautiful, but where does the moon come from? Kids will tell us the amazing story of Bulle who had a strange dream...

Inspired by the song “Mamzelle Bulle” - Les Ogres de Barback.

The Missing Medallion


18/05 | 14.30 | EN | ATH | 8-9 years old

Under the name of Emma is Princess Marianne in exile. A mysterious thief takes her medallion which proves her royal origins. The thief  frames Logan, Emma's best friend. Emma and Logan hire an odd detective to resolve the case.

Adaptation of “The Missing Medallion” - Sheridan Playwrights

The (Pre)history


18/05 | 16.30 | VN |ATH & Erato | 6-8 years old

In a modern apartment, a man is watching TV. The program "Science and Discoveries" shows prehistoric life. As he watches, he discovers several curious things that force him to react.

Inspired by the song “Homme de Cro-Magnon” - Maurice Felbacq

The Escapee




18/05 | 18.30 | FR |LFAY | Grade 5-6

The main character is Edmond Dantès, a young sailor from Marseille, second-in-command aboard the commercial ship “The Pharaoh” and fiancé of the beautiful Mercedes. But the day before his wedding, a letter of denunciation accuses him of conspiracy against the king. He is sent to rot in prison at the Château d'If.

Follow the Unicorn!

Dance Movie

19/05 | 14.00 | ATH 4-5 years old

What adventure will you go on when your teddy springs to life? Follow the unicorn into the forest to see what fun awaits you!

Yellow Submarine


19/05 | 14.00 | EN | ATH 6-7 years old

Have you ever wanted to live somewhere more exciting? Join us in our short exploration of what life is like in a submarine and adventures under the sea.

Harlequin’s Madness


19/05 | 16.00 | FR | ATH 10-11 years old

Harlequin is hungry... His master is late, meaning his meal arrives late, too! Why not find another master? Because it's not suitable morally... But Harlequin's hunger can justify everything.

An excerpts from “The servant of Two Masters” - by Carlo Goldoni.




19/05 | 17.30 |

To wake up


18/05 | 14.30 | FR-VN | ATH 6-7 years old

The alarm clock rings, one, two, three times. Lou does not want to wake up. Still, it's time to go to school. Meanwhile, the other members of his family hurry up.

Inspired by the song “Pour se réveiller” - Anne Sylvestre.

Where is the C?

Musical movie

18/05 | 16.30 | EN | ATH | 4-5 years old

Six little friends from six corners of the world gather up and realise they have one thing in common. But it seems like something is missing...

Playtime in the Park


18/05 | 16.30 | | ATH 6-10 years old

When an outsider asks to play will you welcome them in ? What fun can you have when everyone is included ?





18/05 | 20.00 | | Hanoi Rock Academy

Concert of acoustic Rock with guitar learners from HRA (Pink Floyd, Queen, Beatles...).

Te Ora


19/05 | 14.00 |FR| ATH 6-7 years old

Te Ora means Life. According to Maori legend, Kio is the God of the Universe, very powerful but lonely. One day, he decides to go searching for his friend. During his adventure, through his meeting with other gods, he realises that his friend has never been far…

Inspired by the song “Orero Te Ora” by Tamariki Poerani.



19/05 | 14.00 | FR | ATH 8-9 years old

Belle is a fun and crazy parody of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. The day Princess Belle was born, the Queen organised a party but she didn't invite the old fairy of the forest. The old fairy, extremely angry, gave the curse to Belle "On her 15th birthday, Belle will prick her finger and die."

The Taming of the Shrew


19/05 | 16.00 | EN | ATH 10-11 years old

A 400 year old play exploring themes still apparent today; love, family and gender status. Brought forward to the modern day by portraying our emoji-driven world, yet retaining Shakespeare's beautiful language, enjoy watching the trials and tribulations of attaining young love.

The Threepenny Opera


19/05 | 20.30 | FR | ATH Adults

A Broadway musical that swings between a social critic and a cabaret of the mask. Welcome to the dregs of London! Mack the knife, a skilful villain knows everything about the streets. He seduces Polly Peachum and marries her. But this happiness won't last for long. Polly's prince was delivered by the jealous pirate Jenny to Tiger-Brown, the Chief of Police and Mack's best-friend.